Don't foo/bar/baz me

I find the neutral = bar examples tiring to comprehend since it usually misses any context or real life situation. I'd like to advice a more meaningful way to showcase your code than simply writing boring syntax.

What's wrong with foo/bar/baz examples?

There's an argument that by not providing any context to a code sample, the reader will not be distracted or won't associate things to your sample that you don't intend to. If you think this is a valid reason, it's a good time to move on.

However I rarely share that view. The best way to bore somebody to death is to provide examples like this on subtle subjects, like JavaScript Symbols.
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// See? baz will bar!
function foo(){ = 'bar';
    this.baz = function(){
var fooBar = new foo;  
fooBar.baz() // it will alert bar!!!  


// Make a cat Meooow
// Here's an average cat
function cat(){  
    this.thingCatsSay= 'Meooow';
    this.saySomething = function(){
var myCat = new cat; // now the cat is mine  
myCat.saySomething() // Meooow  

This second example is full of life and helps understanding what we are trying to demonstrate. By providing some real life context, the code snippet is not just some abstract concept anymore.

List of alternatives

Let's go through my suggestions what could you use if you want to stand out from the crowd.


Ok, I hear you, but that Z makes a difference. It has cats too, big cats.

    [zoo keepers]

Yo, it's classic, but can clearly demonstrate hierarchy.

Solar system

The Universe is a great teacher, let's model it


Most coders live in cities, I suppose. It's a very chaotic concept, use with care.


Family is a familiar concept to most people.


In my theory, everything can be explained via cars.

        - wheels
        - engine
        - speed
        - acceleration
        - passengers
        - trunk
        - horn
Pop culture

Add some flavor with movie references where well knows characters can do amazing things.

    [Tony Stark]