Ghosted up

I remember the kickstarter campaign of Ghost when it started. It was very interesting to watch it sweep through the media and gaining traction, followers and of course, pledged money. But for what? A blogging CMS? That's one of the most boring things I could pledge for, still, it was a success.

They didn't sell a CMS, a framework, rather the joy of writing which is the same philosophy that Medium shares. As of today, there are still no plugins, webshop extensions or complicated hacks to force things in the system that don't belong here. I think this is the key this platform. Just blogging, nothing less, nothing more. And this is exactly what I wanted when I launched this site. I worked with WordPress recently and I wasn't really impressed by the underlying technology nor the quality of the ecosystem.

Ghost looks like an unspoiled playground. It's built with modern tools, people are staring to migrate to it and most importantly it's open source too. I really hope they can keep innovating and help a broader audience to share their thoughts.

The name

Figuring out he name of the blog was a surprisingly simple process compared to what I usually do when I open my tool-chain to invent names. ( that's for another time )



apparently but not really; seemingly.

I wanted something that is not really tied to a specific domain, but sums up or refers to my interests. Quasi is used in scientific vocabulary and when it's matched with the new .ink domain it just feel right to name my blog like this. Furthermore blogs are purely digital inventions, but they effectively do the same as Gutenberg's printing press.

Douglas crockford is really pissed of because the boy forgot to put semicolons at the end of some lines and he also used tabs.

This is it in a nutshell. I'll keep sharing here short bits of newsflashes I want to remember, stories that have happened to me, but there were no right medium to share or simply amazing art.

Stay tuned.